Be the captain of your own destiny 


Certified Kinesiologist

Fear, fatigue and stress are three factors that are known to shorten an individual's life. They distort  the flow of energy in our being and create symptoms that impact not only our mental and emotional stability, but also our physical wellbeing.
At CaptainKinesio  we are not interested in merely treating symptoms; we focus on treating the root causes. Our body knows exactly what it needs to overcome any ailment or deficiency. Our body also has an incredible ability to heal itself if it is listened to and acknowledged.  Integration brings healing .
Integration is the key to harmony in life. Integration can be defined as "the linkage (or connection) of differentiated parts". Kinesiology integrates body, soul, mind and spirit, thus bringing peace, joy and harmony to one's own heart. A Kinesiologist is trained to ‘listen’ to the body and insightfully reconnect the parts of the client's being that are not functioning harmoniously. This restores equilibrium and therefore health to one's own being.
Here is how it works; an individual’s own body knows what it needs .... CaptainKinesio facilitates and interprets what the body is saying ..... and then the client’s body is given the opportunity to self-correct. It is that simple!
The immune system thrives when everything in our being is perceived as One whole. At CaptainKinesio we don't advise or tell anyone what they need to change in their life; a client’s own body actually knows and tells them what they need to change. Isn't that just an amazing, revolutionary, mind blowing concept?
Kinesiology is a non-invasive methodology using muscle feedback and body awareness that can help the individual to reduce stress and pain, improve performance in work, learning, sport etc., whilst generating balance and harmony in life and relationships and promoting health and well-being.
We specialise in helping individuals: * Manage jet-lag * Increase energy levels * Manage sleep disorders * Overcome fatigue * Alleviate depression and emotional upsets * Eliminate Food Intolerance and allergies, Testing & Detox * Increase immune function * Restore motivation * Stress relief * Improve overall health * Pain relief (back pain, headaches etc) * Enhance memory and awareness * Eliminate fears * Assist in hormonal / fertility issues * Weight loss * Improve relationships * Experience personal empowerment * Children–learning, behaviour * Anti Ageing / Improve skin condition * Find a sense of freedom * Integrate body, soul, mind & spirit * Become the captain of one's destiny * Establish goals that bring fulfilment

An Australian who specialises in activating one’s potential through a working knowledge of scalar energy using the globally recognised modality of Kinesiology. Born with the desire to pursue truth, freedom and a love of travel, he made a career of criss-crossing the globe as a commercial airline pilot. With an amassed 42 years of airline experience and 30,000 hours of flight time, Graeme has learnt that a pilot is a manager of a source of energy that has the ability to overcome the opposing forces of drag and gravity. Whilst in flight, Graeme is the manager of a B777 airliner. However a career in aviation wasn’t enough to bring full satisfaction. Graeme’s desire is to learn how to manage his own energy and overcome the forces that are in opposition to his own being. This begins with an understanding that everything in the universe is energy. It is the management of that energy that has become Graeme’s driver. It has been a dream to overcome and to 'fly' metaphorically and rest in  that zone of fulfilment and inner peace. We can also call this zone the eye of the storm. 
Exposed to multiple cultures, Graeme now has an unparalleled awareness of the complexities of the human psyche from many different religious and cultural backgrounds. 
In aviation, Graeme knows that the key to sustained flight is the presence of an unseen vector on top of the wing we call ‘lift’. The key to unlocking human potential can be found in feeling connected to a pure form of unseen life energy, that is more than a mere vector of energy; it is infinite in nature. This force is known as scalar energy.
Scalar energy literally sustains life. It is the source of life sustaining all matter, including plants, animals and human beings. This energy flows in and around each of our bodies. It is also the carrier of vital information that programs the DNA within every cell in our body. This awareness enables an individual to manage our own energy in a more insightful way. 
Any experience that produces pain and suffering can make us feel like a victim of our circumstances. Our body feels it and our higher self knows it. However we are designed to be over-comers.  We can overcome the forces that are in opposition to us and fly into smooth air, experiencing unlimited peace and pleasure. Ultimately, we can either perceive ourselves as a victim or a victor in life. 
Graeme now has the tools that give an individual the right to choose either option. Graeme helps clients make wise choices that impact their thoughts and feelings whilst transforming their own life experience from the inside, out! You, too, can be the captain of your own destiny.

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Overcome Fear & Fatigue

Fear destroys the flow of energy in an individual's
being and thus increases fatigue. Fear can be likened to the drag on an aeroplane that impairs the wing’s ability to produce lift and enable the aeroplane to fly through the air efficiently. Likewise, fear destroys our ability to function in an integrated way. Like stress, fear sends the body into a defensive mindset. This  drains us of our resources and implements fatigue. The fear of anything can  easily be overcome  with Kinesiology sessions!

Become Stress-free

Some stress can be a good thing. However, too much stress sends the sympathetic nervous system into “fight or flight” mode.  We can activate this same coping mechanism solely with our emotions. Just feeling upset or even imagining a stressful situation can do this!  The body fails to differentiate between a real and a perceived threat. In order to deal with any perceived emergency the body shuts down what it thinks is not important . This includes our digestive system, immune function, and reproductive system. The problem occurs when this shutdown happens daily. Kinesiology can restore this imbalance.

Create Your Own Lift

The movement of airflow across a shaped aerofoil is what creates the energy vector of lift that sustains flight. Most people think that it is the aeroplane’s engines that enable it to fly. This is true, but only partially true. It is the shape of the aerofoil on the wing that provides the lift that keeps the plane up in the air. In reality we need both. We need the thrust produced by the physical engines, but we also need the invisible realm of lift. For our body to operate efficiently, it too must function in a “state of mind” that maximises our lift, enabling us to reach our potential. Kinesiology is a great modality to help us accomplish this.

Find Your Destiny

Each individual is created with both a purpose and a destiny. One of the principles in aviation is the ability to make good the required track to our destination. To do so, we allow for the affect of wind and other adversities . The same is true with knowing our own personal destiny and setting course for it.  
Kinesiology enables us to
 identifying our destiny with accurate goal settings in each session to keep us on a good track. Greater personal awareness and the tweaking of our energy whilst enroute to achieving those goals gives a great sense of fulfilment and gratitude.

Fearless pilot

Fearless Commander

  • Take Command

    You owe it to yourself to take command of your life. Chances are, you are more like a pawn being move around the chess board of life, making you feel like a victim of your circumstances. Kinesiology is a great modality to help you feel more balanced and grounded whilst enabling you to change those feelings in real time. Being a victim or victor is your choice. Kinesiology reinstates your free will and returns that choice to you.

  • Be Centred

    Would you agree that the whole world is in turmoil? The energy is like a destructive hurricane, bringing chaos and confusion to our minds. There is a place situated at the centre of any hurricane that remains at perfect stillness and peace. It is called "the eye of the storm". We can help you move into that place of perfect peace, no matter what chaos is happening around you.

  • Be Integrated

    Integration of body, soul, mind and spirit begins with conscious awareness. Awareness activates a free source of energy that directly impacts your DNA and every cell in your body. Awareness brings a spiritual understanding of your own goodness and personal potential as you take command of your life. Kinesiology integrates the brain and the mind in relationship to each other.

  • Ready to board?

Cabin Crew

  • Fatigue and Stress

    Crew know that fatigue and stress are absolute killers and both serve to shorten their careers. Time change, jet lag and lack of regular sleeping hours all disturb the body’s energy flow. We can help you get your energy flowing again and reignite your passion by integrating your entire being.

  • Relational Service

    One of the best definitions of service is “Taking action to create value for someone else!” Being of service to others is all about sharing energy and information in an integrative way. When we become proactive in being the change we want to see in others, life then begins to work – as it should be!

  • Beauty From Within

    Your own field of energy is either flowing and working efficiently for you, or creating some form of resistance. One of the first areas of your body to suffer is your skin. It is the largest organ in your body. Learning how to regain your energy flow after flights will increase your recovery rate and keep you feeling and looking younger. Good circulation and scalar energy flow is the very best anti-aging formula there is on the market!

Happy cabin crew member

Cabin Crew

  • Simulator Efficiency

    The greatest enemy of any pilot in the simulator is fear. Fear paralyses and destroys efficiency. It can be the fear of failure; the fear of losing our license; loss of income, maybe even loss of pride. Learn hot to keep your energy flowing by overcoming fear energetically.

  • Interviews

    like every other profession, as a pilot, your greatest enemy is yourself. We all know that! An interviewer will smell the scent of any victim mentality; even if it is hidden subconsciously within and you cannot see it yourself.

  • New to aviation?

    I sure wish I had known these industry secrets 40 years ago. Why learn the hard way? You can be up against the toughest interviewers in the world and walk in with an air of confidence that will secure any position you so desire.

  • Ready to Board?
Passenger on board fearless flight


  • Captain Of Your Own Destiny

    Have you ever had the desire to move out of the passenger seat and move into the driver's seat in life? Then what you command will actually happen! There is a key to cause and effect that you can learn to apply daily that will enable you to manage your own energy, information and relationships with success. This will enhance your ability to feel fully valued as an individual. You too can learn to create your own lift and navigate around the storms of life as the captain of your own destiny.

  • The Right Path

    Flight is one of man’s greatest feats. The life principles that we use to help air crew operate efficiently is exactly the same for every individual's everyday life. Discover how to put this into practice every day. Regardless of cultural, ethnic, racial or religious differences, each individual behaves according to their own personal experiences of life that impacts their thoughts and emotions. Each Kinesiology session will put you back on the right track. Why merely fly, when you can soar!

  • Eye Of The Storm

    Ever experienced severe turbulence during a flight? Some weather and turbulence pilots just have to push through. Other weather patterns we have to avoid at all costs because they are too tumultuous. Discerning the difference is the key. We live in a world that is full of turmoil and chaos. However when you know the principles of how to apply scalar energy you can find peace is in the eye of any storm!


Graeme was the best captain I worked with in my 23 years experience in aviation. We connected instantly... Graeme inspired and guided me through my holistic spiritual journey which was life changing.

- Sujee (Purser)

You don't get the ‘follow me and everything will be ok’ stuff here. I was self-empowered to discover the things that worried me were in the main, self generated.

- Dave (B777 FO)

I'd like to say a BIG Thank You for helping me do a 180 degrees turn in my life. We met casually in one of my lowest days ever and since then, WOW

- Leo (A380 Captain)